Who am I?

I am known as waywardmuse -  a Mystic and a Visual Media Artist specializing in the natural beauty of the Arizona Sonoran Desert. The Sonoran Desert is the United States' most ecologically diverse desert, and my eclectic  artistic imagery can be experienced all over the web.  I began with wildlife videos before photographs and my YouTube channel alone has well over 1000 subscribers.  I'm also a versatile writer of creative nonfiction and a composer of music which can be heard in many of my videos.  My YouTube Channel: waywardmuse - Sonoran Desert Wildlife & More  While I no longer publish on Vimeo, I left my channel up anyway:   Sonoran Desert Wildlife in its natural setting .  @JudyWaywardmuse is my Twitter page.  For a more extensive look at my background and experience, please go  to  judykennedy.com  

Please note:  My muse is wayward - meaning it is neither professional nor amateur, but born of a greater purpose: freedom of expression for the benefit of one and all. It is first and foremost free -- not constrained by artificial standards, rules, or protocol, but adheres to a higher principle because there is no greater truth than the integrity of one's own experience. It is not static but continues to evolve like the human soul. It must be transformative, and at its center is the Heart - the Life and the Way. Thanks for visiting and happy trails!

Who is Cloud Kachina?

Anyone familiar with the arts and crafts of the southwestern United States will most likely recognize Kachina Dolls as a form of Native American art. These various dolls represent Kachinas which are spirits or personifications of natural forces relating to or fulfilling an important role in the culture of the Hopi and the Navajo.  For instance, Bear Kachina represents great power to heal the sick. Corn Maiden Kachina is said to purify women who grind the corn for food, ceremonies, and so on. Cloud Kachina, also known as White Cloud Kachina and sometimes Snow Kachina, represents the beauty of the clouds in the sky and the monumental importance of rain to provide moisture for crops here in the arid southwest.  Please know that I do not presume to be an expert on Pueblo Indian culture, nor am I attempting to appropriate this sacred symbol for my own benefit.  I simply tuned into this energy one day and felt compelled to express it in my own way.  Just as “God” has many different names all over the world - so do forces of nature.  I chose to call this one by the name used by the first American peoples because that’s what made the most sense to me living here in the southwestern United States, particularly Arizona - home to the native people who hold these spiritual energies in highest esteem.  There are other reasons as well — one that involves a personal experience I had literally inside of a cloud on top of Mt. Humphries - one of the San Francisco peaks where the Hopi believe Kachinas reside.  That story is told here (link to be inserted) with the corresponding photos.   

The purpose of this site is to share glimpses into the mysterious dances of Cloud Kachina as seen through my camera and my eyes.  No words can adequately describe these events -- they, like the clouds, are as ephemeral as life itself.  But the beauty remains.  Appreciating that beauty has the power to heal and transform the soul, and thus Planet Earth because we are a vital part of her.

For a taste of what's to come, please visit my "Dances with Cloud Kachina" gallery at ArizonaArtware.com where you may view and purchase my artistic imagery in the form of frameable prints, posters, cards, home decor, and personal accessories.

A note about the scientific names of clouds:  I hope to add these as I learn more about them for those who are curious. . .

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