Some of the weirdest sunset clouds I’ve ever seen - looked like they were melting or something.  I was told that the “brush strokes” were rain that was not hitting the ground.   Photo was taken in northwestern Pinal County about 50 miles south of Phoenix
In ancient Greece, the choros was an early ritual dance in circular form, meant to induce an altered state of consciousness.  It evoked a deep longing to merge with nature where one might learn the secrets of infinity. This particular glimpse of this spec
A beautiful array of rosy clouds on a delicate blue field of deepening hue like angels in disguise made me feel particularly blessed to live in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona where sunset skyscapes like this one are never too far away.  (Taken in northwest
“There’s a dragon in the flight path,” I said to myself when I looked up in the sky and saw this picture. These cirrus clouds were wisping around the contrail of a jet that had flown that way recently.   This is just one of the millions of dances I see on
Be it some force invisible to our eyes behind the scenes or merely chem trails combined with clouds, the ‘great spirit in the sky’ has the X factor for sure and broadcasts it for all to see it in no uncertain terms!  This un-manipulated photograph was tak
This is just another example of "clouds that look like things."  Slightly enhanced photo taken on June 13, 2018 in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona about 50 miles southwest of Phoenix.
Here it really looks like clouds are slipping through the fingers of a great cosmic hand — a hand that mysteriously emerged in a deep dark blue of an evening sunset over the Sonoran Desert about 50 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona.
The Sonoran Desert of Arizona produces some of the most spectacular sunsets in the winter, and this one was no exception.  It reminded me of great golden eyed firebird in all its glory coming in for a landing over the desert hills.  This photo was taken i
Two gorgeous rainbows appear simultaneously in the sky after a late afternoon monsoon rainstorm in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.
The Sonoran Desert of Arizona in the United States produces some of the most spectacular sunsets during wintertime.  On this particular day, the clouds took on the shape of a fiery dragon resting on his back, just floating in the sky.  This capture took p
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