Sonoran Desert Skyscapes - Episode 1

Two issues today:  Here’s the beginning of a new video series dealing with skyscapes/cloudscapes in the Arizona Sonoran Desert in general.  Videos dealing with particular dances (cloud formation sequences, etc.) will be indicated as such.  More information about this series is published in News, or you may read about it in the description of the video at my YouTube site.  But to begin - watch this, enjoy, and thank you!

These images were taken during August 16-17, 2018 at the height of monsoon season.

Second:  I was just reviewing the 9/2/18 Gallery images and I’d forgotten how many unusual sylphs are shown.  For those not familiar with that term from a metaphysical perspective, a sylph is a ‘spirit of air’ sometimes referred to as an elemental, deva, or even fairy.  Whatever they are, they can take on a variety of forms ranging from the traditional artistic depictions in folklore to lofty wing-shaped beings like angels, eagles, or dragons - whatever is perceived.  I usually see angels, dragons, and garudas - a giant phoenix-like bird that can transform poison or toxicity into the divine elixir of illumination, like a peacock with its ability to change snake venom into the iridescence reflected in its brilliant tail colors.  

These sylphs have a scientific counterpart as well in name and process.  I don’t know them - but I’m sure some members of The Cloud Appreciation Society do.  I invite them or anyone to kindly contact me with the names and descriptions of these fascinating meteorological phenomena and I will gladly publish the scientific explanations on this site to complement the magical.  In exchange for this service, I’ll be happy to provide the free non-exclusive licensing of the corresponding image of their choosing, as long as they provide proper artistic credit with a link back to this site of course.  Good luck!    

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