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July 23, 2018, Mon.

The major revisions to my other websites - waywardmuse.com and judykennedy.com are DONE and ACTIVE!   waywardmuse.com is all about what a waywardmuse really is, and how it relates to what I do.   It's also a hub to all my other websites where you can partake in my other waywardmusing if desired.   judykennedy.com showcases my writing and my book.  Sections are also dedicated to author law, civil liberties, and social activism.  Check out and enjoy!  

Blog Comments

July 23, 2018, Sun.

I initially planned to enable comments to my blog but have since changed my mind.  I'm trying to simplify my life.  As cloud lovers we understand that while a cloud can appear very simple, it is actually quite complex.  And if there's anything I've learned about clouds, it's that you cannot trust or control them.  If you take them on their terms, then you remain problem free.  But if you begin to think otherwise, you're in for a big surprise.  Now for those who cannot read between the lines, I'm talking about all kinds of clouds here -- especially the virtual ones.  Today I have divorced myself from "the cloud" for this reason.  However, I still encourage comments and engagement - it just won't be here.  Please consider sending them to me via email.  Plus, if you'd like to receive notification of when I've posted new material, then please subscribe to my wayward newsletter.  It will be published on an irregular basis - probably only when I do have something new to say, so you definitely won't be bothered with unwanted email!  

Galleries & Collections

July 15, 2018

Coming Soon!  First gallery up will be a duplicate of what's already online in the Dances with Cloud Kachina Gallery at Arizona Artware.  I also plan to add specialized ones as my edited and published cloudscapes grow.  I already have hundreds good enough to be worked on so I'll never have a shortage of material, and hundreds are added on a weekly basis.  Collections will also feature photo essays on kinds of cloudscapes like Kelvin-Helmholz for example.  Those may be rare elsewhere but not in the Sonoran Desert, and I have the photos and videos to prove it!  How about double-rainbows?  Contrails?  Anti-crepuscular rays?  Virga?  Etc.?  I have LOADS!  So please stay tuned!   

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